Does SHEIN Take Apple Pay? Here Is What To Know

Does Shein Take Apple Pay?
Does Shein Take Apple Pay?

Some people are confused and don’t know if SHEIN takes Apple pay.

Thanks to mobile payment apps, sending and receiving money online, paying bills, and having flexible funds have become quite simple. It’s simple for Apple customers to pay for goods and services directly from their Apple devices, thanks to mobile payment apps like Apple Pay. Does SHEIN take Apple Pay? Does SHEIN take Apple Pay? Yes. SHEIN accepts Apple Pay but not directly. Check out how to use Apple Pay on SHEIN conveniently. Read On!

Many SHIEN users are interested to know whether they may use their Apple Pay accounts to make purchases through the app. This tutorial will help you know whether you may use Apple Pay to make payments on SHIEN and the procedures involved.

What is SHEIN?

SHEIN is an international B2C swift fashion retailer. The company sells men’s and children’s clothing, accessories, shoes, luggage, and other fashion products in addition to women’s clothing, which is its major focus. SHEIN’s key target markets are consumers in Europe, North America, Australia, the Middle East, and other consumer areas.

What is Apple Pay?

A digital wallet service and contactless mobile payment system, Apple Pay was introduced by Apple Inc. in 2014. When making purchases at the point of sale, customers can use near field communication (NFC), either in-person with iOS apps or remotely over the Internet.

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Does SHIEN Take Apple Pay?

SHEIN takes Apple Pay as a form of payment. However, you won’t be able to use the Apple Pay feature directly. You won’t be able to use the contactless payment method the same way you could in-store because SHIEN is an online-only business.

You must follow a procedure to get SHIEN to accept your Apple Pay account as a recognized payment option. The step-by-step instructions contained later in this tutorial will include a description of this procedure.

In other words, you must link your Apple Card to your SHIEN application or utilize your Apple Card details to make a payment using your Apple Pay account to use your Apple Pay account at SHIEN.


How To Use Apple Pay At SHIEN

If you’re using the SHIEN app, you must first add the things you want to buy with Apple Pay to your shopping cart. After getting to the checkout menu after doing this, you must select the Pay With Credit/Debit Card option from the list of payment methods.

When asked for your credit or debit card details, you should provide the data from your Apple Card connected to your Apple Pay account. Complete the checkout process after doing this, and your Apple Pay account linked to your Apple Card will be automatically charged.


You can only make purchases at SHEIN using your Apple Pay account in this manner. Apple Pay is not yet compatible, although other mobile payment apps can be used natively without requiring users to enter any credit card information.

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For use in physical stores and other online merchants that do not yet accept mobile payments, you can access your Apple Pay account using your Apple Card.


How to Use Apple Pay for Payment Online and In Apps


  • Select Apple Pay as your payment method by tapping the Apple Pay button.
  • Tap the Next or Expand Menu buttons next to your default card to pay with a different card.
  • Enter your billing, shipping, and contact information if necessary.
  • Verify your payment.

SHEIN Payment Methods


  • Credit/Debit Card
  • PayPal
  • Afterpay
  • Klarna
  • ZiP

Advantage Of Using Apple Pay With SHEIN


1. Very Easy

Using Apple Pay at SHIEN to make purchases has a lot of advantages. It is an easy way to make online and offline purchases using the money linked to your Apple Pay account.

2. Security

Additionally, Apple Pay offers some security features that can help consumers stay safe online. These include enhanced privacy and authentication measures that make it more difficult to hack accounts.


Apple Pay is one of the simplest and most widely used mobile payment options. To streamline your purchases and add more security, you might consider utilizing it to pay for your purchases at SHEIN if you can.


3. Convenient

Having all of your payment options in one spot is also practical. Your phone’s wallet can conveniently manage all of your various payment methods.


Other Payment Methods You Can Use On SHEIN


If you are having trouble getting Apple Pay to work efficiently, you can look at several alternative payment options. SHEIN offers PayPal, Afterpay, Klarna, and ZiP payments in addition to the usual credit and debit methods.

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Many people have heard of the well-known app PayPal. Users can use PayPal to automatically apply the funds they have on hand to their purchases. Additionally, they can charge their bank account directly through PayPal, which would hasten the payment procedure.


Mobile payment apps like Afterpay, Klarna, and ZiP can all be used at particular stores. Users can make online and in-person purchases and extend payments with these mobile payment applications.


Before using these applications to make purchases at SHEIN, you must register for them separately. These applications may perform a soft credit check to estimate your future purchasing power. Your credit limit will increase the better your credit is.


You can choose the payment method when checking out on SHEIN once you have registered and gotten your credit limit from these applications. You will be sent to the mobile payment application’s website to complete your purchase.


Users are increasingly using these payment options since making purchases and paying for them over time is quite appealing without a traditional credit check. These are all excellent alternatives to Apple Pay and are all secure to use with the SHEIN application.




More than 80% of online and in-app shops in the United States accept Apple Pay. However, SHEIN does not accept Apple Pay as a form of payment if you don’t know a workaround. However, if you use your Apple Card, SHEIN will indirectly accept Apple Pay as payment.

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