How To Bypass An Iphone XR

How To Bypass An Iphone Xr

The security feature of iPhone iCloud activation is quite helpful. The activation lock will stop someone from accessing your data if you set it up on your iPhone XR and it is stolen.

However, the activation lock may turn your iPhone XR into a useless piece of digital trash if you forget your Apple ID or password or purchase a used iPhone with an activation lock.

But you can use a few techniques to get over your iPhone XR’s activation lock. And today, we’ll look at a few of them and demonstrate how to do that.

What is an Activation Lock?

Let’s first define what an activation lock is. It assists you in protecting your gadget, especially if it ends up in the wrong hands. The activation lock can improve your iPhone XR’s chances of being found.

The activation lock’s best feature is that it continues to function even if you remotely delete your device. It can prevent unauthorized users from reactivating your iPhone. It is also relatively easy to use. Just keep your Find My on and remember your Apple ID and password.

When you activate Find My Device, the activation lock immediately starts. Once activated, Apple links your device to your Apple ID, secured on its activation servers.

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Therefore, no one can disable Find My unless they have your Apple ID and password. The main advantage of the activation lock is that it prevents some hazardous functions, like wiping the device clean or reactivating it, from being used. In actuality, nobody is allowed to use it without your consent.

How To Know If Activation Lock is On?

It is advisable to ensure that the activation lock is off if you purchase an iPhone XR from an authorized seller or a pre-owned model. However, it would help if you left it on for your device.

Turn on any device running iOS 15 or later and check it. An activation lock is present if the message reads “iPhone Locked to Owner.”

How to Bypass Activation Lock on Your Own iPhone XR

Activation Lock On Iphone Xr: How To Bypass Safely?

The activation lock on the iPhone XR can be gotten around in various methods and circumstances. For instance, if you wish to retrieve your missing ID, reset your Apple ID, or get assistance from a professional:

1. Reset Your Apple ID Password

If you forget your Apple ID password, you can reset it. Take these easy actions:

– Visit the official Apple ID account website.

– Click on “Forgot Apple ID or Password”.

– Next, input the phone number you used to create your Apple ID.

– You can select the option of receiving a confirmation call or text on your phone.

2. Find Your Apple ID

If you want to maintain your Apple ID, the best solution is to find it. For those who can’t recall, go as follows:

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– Visit the Apple ID website.

– Click on “Forgot Apple ID or Password”.

– Now, you will be asked to enter your Apple ID. Click “Look It Up” instead.

– Fill out the required fields, including name, last name, and email address. Answer any security questions you may have correctly.

– It will send you a link to get your new Apple ID and password to sign in.

3. Ask for assistance at an Apple Store.

Despite being somewhat complex, this technique is effective. You must either phone or visit an Apple Store to seek assistance with your lock. You must substantiate your ownership of the iPhone to delete the present ID.

A receipt will usually solve your problems. However, it is also advised to provide additional ownership documentation. Second, schedule an appointment as soon as possible. To schedule a meeting, contact Apple Store.

How to Bypass Activation Lock on a Second-Hand iPhone XR

Have you purchased a used iPhone XR?

The activation lock screen likely is all you have. There is no need to worry, though. You can solve this problem in several ways. This is how:

1. Using iCloud

The Apple ID of the prior owner would be required to activate a used iPhone XR. Using iCloud, you may quickly access the phone and unlock the activation lock. The steps are as follows:

– Open any device and go to

– Use your Apple ID and password to log in.

– Select “All Devices” and “Find iPhone”.

– Next, choose the iPhone you purchased and click the I button to get more information.

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– Then select “Erase iPhone.”

– Then, choose “Remove from Account.”

– When finished, you are prepared to restart your iPhone and reset its configuration.

2. Using iCloud DNS Bypass

Another method to unlock a used iPhone is with iCloud DNS. It is not, however, a method that is preferred. However, if there are no other options, you can choose this. It can support your iPhone’s full activation. Here’s how to use iCloud DNS Bypass to unlock your iPhone:

– From the Settings, perform a factory reset on your iPhone.

– Go to the WiFi page and click on the I icon. The WiFi Network is shown next to it.

– After that, click on the DHCP tab.

– Enter the DNS IP Address at this point.

* USA:

* Europe

* Asia:

* Africa, Australia, and other locations:

– After entering the correct IP address, join a WiFi network.

Your device can now be accessed without providing your Apple ID. You should be aware that this strategy has some drawbacks. To start, it needs to be reset to factory settings. Additionally, the current Apple ID is not disabled. This approach can only be used to get around the activation lock on an iPhone XR.


On how to bypass an Iphone XR, you can deactivate iCloud with just one click if you use a paid service, but when you do, the iPhone XR won’t unlock on its own. However, you should be aware that deactivating iCloud online puts you at risk of falling for a scam, so make sure you pay at the correct location.

If you are uncertain about online iCloud unlocking, start bypassing because it is entirely cost-free unless you want a whole bypass.

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