Does Tumblr Delete Inactive Accounts? [Find-out Why]

Does Tumblr Delete Inactive Accounts?

Are you an inactive Tumblr user? If so, you may be wondering if Tumblr will delete your account. Tumblr clarified its policy on inactive accounts in a recent blog post, stating that “inactive accounts will be deleted after six months unless the user has actively engaged with the platform during that time.” While this policy may seem harsh, it’s actually in line with Tumblr’s goal of making the platform more engaging for users. If you don’t use Tumblr often but still want your account to stay active, you should consider using it to share relevant content with you and your friends.

Does Tumblr Delete Inactive Accounts?

Tumblr does deactivate inactive accounts after a specific amount of time has passed. This is done to keep the platform clean and ensure that only active users are utilizing it. Make sure you log in at least once every six months to keep your account active.

How to Delete Your Tumblr Account

You can’t permanently delete your Tumblr account through the app. You must do it through a web browser by following these simple steps:

1. Log in to your Tumblr account. If you signed up for two-factor authentication (TFA), enter the code sent to your mobile device.

2. Click on the ‘Account’ icon and select ‘Settings.’

3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select ‘Delete Account.’

4. You will be directed to a screen asking if you are sure. Confirm by entering your email address and password and clicking ‘Delete Everything.’ If you have TFA on your account, re-enter your email address and the authentication code sent to your mobile device.

6. You will be reminded of Tumblr’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, which outlines how their partners and vendors use cookies. If you are happy to proceed, click ‘Accept.’

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7. Your Tumblr account is now deleted, and all associated blogs and data.

How do you get an inactive Tumblr URL?

Tumblr is a great platform for sharing creative content, but if you want to make it easy for people to find your content, you will want to get an inactive Tumblr URL. It is easily done by logging into your Tumblr account and going to the Settings page. From here, you will need to scroll down to the URL section and enter the address of your inactive Tumblr account. Save this URL, and your content should start appearing on the front page of your inactive account.

How long does Tumblr hold a URL?

Tumblr usually retains a URL for up to six months but can extend this timeframe in special cases. URLs are automatically rotated every 30 days so that the most recent URL is always available. URLs can only be registered once and cannot be used for multiple Tumblr sites. If you need to change your URL, you can log in to your Tumblr account and follow these instructions.

Does Tumblr hold URLs?

Tumblr does not hold URLs, which can be a problem for those looking to create an online presence on the platform. While Tumblr does offer many tools that can be used to create a website, including its built-in website builder, it is not possible to host any website using Tumblr. Tumblr does not offer a way to export or import URLs.

If you want to create an online presence on Tumblr, you will need to find a different platform that allows for this. Some of the popular options include Blogger, WordPress, or Squarespace. These platforms offer features that allow you to create a website, host content, and manage your traffic. Once you have created your website, use Tumblr to share your content and connect with potential followers.

Is there a way to acquire a terminated Tumblr URL?

There may be a way to acquire a terminated Tumblr URL, but it is not easy and guaranteed to work. To acquire a Tumblr URL that has been terminated, you will need to understand Tumblr’s URL structure. The URL structure is made up of the domain (in this case,, the username (in this case, username), and the blog id (in this case, blog_id).

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First, you will need to find the username. It can be done by browsing through Tumblr’s public logs or using a site like Once you have the username, you will need to find the blog id. It can be done by visiting Settings and clicking on the Blogs tab. Under Blogs, find the blog you want to acquire the URL from and click on the link that says Blog id.

How do you re-register a Tumblr URL?

If you are experiencing any issues with your Tumblr URL – such as it not working or being inaccessible – you will need to re-register it. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Go to your Tumblr dashboard and click on the “URLs” tab.

2. On the “URLs” tab, click on the “Re-register” button next to the URL you wish to re-register.

3. Enter the new registration information and click on the “Submit” button.

4. If you are re-registering an entire domain name, be sure to also enter the DNS information in the “Domain Name” field.

5. Your new Tumblr URL will now be live.

Why have so many people deactivated their Tumblr accounts?

Tumblr is one of the most popular social media platforms on the internet, and for a good reason. It is highly customizable, allows for user-generated content, and has a large following. However, over the last few years, Tumblr has seen many deactivations – either by users or by DMs (Direct Messages).

There are a few reasons for this:

  1. Tumblr has been re-branded as “Tumblr Media” and has changed its platform, which some users don’t like.
  2. Tumblr has been struggling to monetize its platform and has had to make changes to the platform to do so.
  3. Tumblr has been struggling with the fact that it is no longer the only social media platform and is now competing with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms.
  4. Tumblr has been struggling with its own identity and is looking to change that to attract new users and keep them on the platform.

How do I completely hide my Tumblr?

If you want to hide your Tumblr completely, there are a few ways to go about it. The first and easiest way is to use a Tumblr hider. This plugin allows you to hide all of your posts and pages from the public eye. You will still be able to see your posts if you are logged into your Tumblr account, but they will not be visible to anyone who does not have access to your account.

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Another way to hide your Tumblr is to use a private blog. This is a blog that you create and share only with people you trust. This way, only those you designate will be able to see your posts. However, this method is not as secure as the first, as anyone with access to your private blog can see all of your posts.

If you want to hide your Tumblr completely, you can use a Tumblr hider or private blog.

Why has my Tumblr account been terminated?

There are a few potential reasons why your Tumblr account might have been terminated. Maybe you violated the terms of service, or you were using Tumblr for commercial purposes without the consent of the site. It is important to contact Tumblr as soon as possible to try and resolve the situation. You can reach out to Tumblr by emailing [email protected] or calling their customer service line at 877-888-8010.

If you have been banned from using Tumblr, there are a few things that you can do to get back on track. First, try and understand why you were banned, and then follow the instructions that Tumblr provides. This will help ensure that you are following the terms of service correctly and that any future violations will not result in further punishment. Additionally, enroll in Tumblr’s Trust and Safety program and submit a report of any suspicious activity that you may encounter on the site.

How can I delete multiple Tumblr blogs?

Tumblr is a great platform for sharing your creative ideas and musings with the world, but it can be not easy to keep up with all of the new blogs that are being created every day. If you want to delete multiple blogs from your account, there are a few methods that you can use.

The first option is to go to your Tumblr dashboard and select the blogs that you want to delete. Next, click the “Delete This Blog” button. This will remove the blog from your account, and it will not be archived.

If you would like to delete a blog permanently, you will need to go to and sign in. Click on the “Posts” tab and select the blog you want to delete. Next, click on the “Delete This Post” button. This will remove the post from your account, and it will not be archived.

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