How To Fix Alcatel Linkzone Not Working Issue

How To Fix Alcatel Linkzone Not Working Issue
How To Fix Alcatel Linkzone Not Working Issue

The Alcatel hotspot is a wireless device that connects to the internet via a Wi-Fi connection. This gadget may be set up using either a phone app or a web browser interface. For the hotspot to function, it must be configured with a router or equivalent access point and an ISP account.

Alcatel owns TMobile, which is a subsidiary of the firm. T-Mobile launched Alcatel to provide subscribers with inexpensive cellular internet. Users can purchase low-cost hotspots from Alcatel. Their data plans are perfect for folks who don’t use a lot of data.

Your Linkzone and low-end mobile device can use the Alcatel wireless hotspot as a portable wireless access point. You can tether smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other devices to your phone through wireless LAN or a USB connection.

It cannot be very pleasant when you try to connect to your Alcatel Hotspot, and it doesn’t function and having issues. Your Alcatel hotspot may stop working for a variety of reasons.

This article will explain why your Alcatel hotspot isn’t working and how to resolve the problem. By the end of this article, you should be able to resolve the problem utilizing any of the suggestions provided.

Before you learn how to fix Alcatel Linkzone not working problem, you need to know the cause and why the hotspot is not working.

Why Is My Alcatel Hotspot Not Working?


We have explained 4 solid reasons why your Alcatel Hotspot not working. Your Alcatel hotspot may cease working due to a variety of issues. The following are some of the most common reasons:


Minor Fault

Minor faults on your device or smartphone could be to blame for the problem. You can resolve the problem with some minor troubleshooting.

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Data Capacity

When you subscribe to one of Alcatel’s data plans, the quantity of data you get is limited. You may have used up all of your data allocations on your plan. The data balance is one of the first things to look for if your Alcatel hotspot isn’t working. In the second half of this article, we’ll go over how to check your data balance.


Network or Service Outage

It’s also possible that your neighborhood is experiencing a network outage. It’s also possible that the network signal is weak. Check the network indicator on your device to be sure. The network indicator must show at least two bars in your present location.


SIM card issue

One possibility is that you did not correctly insert the SIM card or the SIM card itself is malfunctioning.


7 Ways To Fix Alcatel Hotspot Not Working Issue?


Below are the 7 step by step on how you can fix your Alcatel Hotspot not working issue.

1. Change your Time format 

Go into settings and change the Date/Time to 24-hour format… this has helped quite a few people; there are even youtube videos about the 24-hour bug.



After that, have you tried doing a hard reset to factory mode and reconfiguring on the Linkzone?

Worth a shot to try; if you have not, log into the Linkzone, go to device settings, go to Factory Reset Settings, and click the RESET button (not restart).

You can also do a master rest externally.”

  • Hold down the Power and WPS keys simultaneously for 13 seconds.
  • Wait for all LED indicators to flash blue four times. It indicates the device has been reset to factory mode


2. Remove space from APN profile

The APN profile name CANNOT contain a space. In addition I also DISCONNECTED it before I changed the APN.


3. Check network coverage

To begin, make sure T-Mobile covers your area. To utilize the Alcatel hotspot, your device’s network indicator must show at least two bars of signal.


4. Turn On Your Phone’s Wi-Fi

Even though this is common sense advice, some people forget to turn on the Wi-Fi capability on their mobile devices.

Hit the ‘Settings’ icon on an Android phone to enable Wi-Fi. Toggle the ‘ON’ option next to the ‘Wi-Fi’ option in the ‘Wireless & Networks section. You’ll find a list of nearby Wi-Fi networks. Choose the name of your home network, type in the ‘Password,’ then tap ‘Connect.’

Also, make sure the connecting device’s Hotspot feature is turned on.

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5. Check the Status of Your Data

If there is network coverage and the device you want to join the wireless network has Wi-Fi enabled. If the problem notice persists, it’s time to double-check your data balance. Follow the procedures below to check the data balance.

  • Go to the Admin section of the website.
  • Fill up your username, email address, and password.
  • Select the ‘Information’ tab from the drop-down menu.
  • Select ‘Statics’ from the drop-down menu.
  • You’ll see a breakdown of your total data usage and balance.


6. Restart the device as well as the phone

The next step is to restart your connected device and your smartphone. Minor issues can be troubleshot and fixed by restarting the devices.


7. Restart device location

You can modify the position of the connecting device if the Alcatel wireless network keeps disconnecting. The distance between the connecting device and your phone may be too great.

It’s also possible that a gadget producing electromagnetic (EMF) is close by it. Ey blocks network transmissions. A baby monitor, copy machines, treadmills, security cameras, and other similar gadgets are examples.

Make sure you’re within 15 feet of the connecting device with your phone.


8. Update firmware on the device

Make sure you have the latest firmware on both your phone and the device you’re connecting to it. Follow the instructions below to upgrade the firmware on your smartphone:

  1. Ascertain that your phone is linked to a wireless network.
  2. Choose ‘Settings’ from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select ‘About Phone’ from the drop-down menu.
  4. The ‘Update’ option will appear if firmware updates are available.
  5. Select ‘Install System Software from the drop-down menu. Some smartphones may appear as ‘Install Now, Reboot, and Install.’

Note: On the device, re-add the Wi-Fi profile.

Another option is to remove and re-add your device’s Wi-Fi name and profile from the connecting device.


9. Contact the Customer Service Center

If you’ve tried everything else and still can’t get your Alcatel hotspot to operate, you can contact their support department. It may be a widespread problem. Tech support should be able to assist you in resolving the problem quickly—Call 1-877-746-0909 to reach Alcatel customer service.


Why is my Alcatel hotspot blinking red?

Many data communications devices use a common protocol for periodic signals, such as the Alcatel hotspot, to interact with other nearby devices. When the gadget receives data, it emits green light, and when it transmits data, it emits red light. It indicates that your hotspot is blinking red since it cannot connect to any other nearby devices.

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How does Alcatel hotspot work?

A hotspot is a wireless network that allows people visiting a location to connect to the internet. The Alcatel hotspot functions similarly to other Wi-Fi hotspots in that it connects all devices within range to the internet.


Why is my Alcatel hotspot not giving internet?

There isn’t a strong enough internet connection, the gadget doesn’t have internet capabilities, or the person who set up the hotspot has limited Wi-Fi access. Because the person who set up the network may have changed their password, you must either ask them for it or connect to another nearby hotspot.


How do I set up my Alcatel link zone hotspot?

Alcatel Link Zone provides the unique capability of controlling remote access for many hotspots simultaneously, allowing for the creation of a single remote access point for each location. It is accomplished by using profiles, which are generated ahead of time and grant each individual the necessary permissions. When a person first logs in, they will be asked to choose a profile that will govern their preferences. Depending on the situation, they can be given full internet access or have particular pages banned.


What does WPS mean on a hotspot?

WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) is a wireless standard that allows devices to establish an encrypted connection. It makes it simple for devices to connect by automatically exchanging security codes with one another. The manufacturer of these devices specifies which button is used to activate the device’s WPS capability. This button is usually found on one of the device’s sides.


How do I reset my Alcatel Linkzone?

You can update the settings on an Alcatel Linkzone by going to the General Settings section and using the “Local Time” and “Date and Time” sections. They can also update or reset the time zone from there.


How do I access my Alcatel Linkzone?

The Alcatel Linkzone is a portable hotspot that allows users to connect to the internet. However, this device requires membership to a cellular service provider or an internet service provider to function. Before using their Linkzone device to connect to the internet, customers must have one of these subscriptions. Go to and click “Register” to create a Linkzone account.


How do I get my Alcatel hotspot to work?

The Alcatel hotspot is not operating because the modem has not been configured; the Alcatel hotspot is not operating. Setting up your Alcatel hotspot is easy with the instructions below.

Step 1: Open the Settings application on your mobile device.

Step 2: Tap on Network & Internet.

Step 3: Tap on Mobile Networks.

Step 4: Tap Network Mode and select LTE/UMTS/GSM Auto (PRL).


How do I reset my Linkzone 2?

Disconnecting the power cord from the Linkzone 2 will reset the device. Don’t hesitate to contact customer care for further information on how to connect.



To comprehend the issue with a hotspot, one must first comprehend how it is set up. A hotspot is a wireless internet connection that may be accessed through a mobile device such as a laptop or tablet. This wireless network is generally found in public places like coffee shops or libraries, where customers or library patrons can utilize it. The router, which will supply internet to all devices linked to it, is an important part of the hotspot configuration.

I hope you can fix your Alcatel Linkzone that is not working now, if so, kindly share this post with your love ones.

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