How To Turn Off Auto Caps On Iphone

How To Turn Off Auto Caps On Iphone
How To Turn Off Auto Caps On Iphone

Have you ever found it annoying that your iPhone automatically capitalizes words randomly or makes sure every sentence is capitalized to the hilt? If so, there’s a reasonable probability that your phone’s auto caps feature is what’s causing this problem.

This page will explain auto caps, how to disable them, and briefly describe how to work around this issue on external keyboards.

What Does iPhone Auto Caps Mean?

Caps Lock on iPhone automatically capitalizes the first word in a sentence. It capitalizes words after a period and considers the semantics of a given paragraph. Only the English language and a few others that depend on the semantics are currently covered by this option.


Why Turn Off Auto Caps on iPhone?

Having every sentence capitalized before you type it out may be highly frustrating. In some circumstances, it could sound a little official and cautious. Other times, you might prefer not to have every sentence capitalized automatically because you are used to typing in lowercase.

Auto caps can also wholly wreck your typing style if, like us, you prefer to format your words in a particular way. Additionally, it can be challenging to understand the meaning and tone of statements. Therefore, capitalising on your letter could send the wrong message, giving off a stronger impression.

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It seems that you would want auto caps turned off on your iPhone for all those reasons.

How To Bypass An Iphone XR

How to Turn Off Auto Caps on iPhone?


Method 1: Turn Off from Keyboard Option

1. On your iPad or iPhone, first choose “Settings” from the Home screen.

Ios7 General Option

2. Choose “General” under the category drop-down menu.

3. Next, choose “Keyboard” from the list of possibilities.


4. At this point, turn off the “Auto Capitalization” option on the page. You only need to toggle it for the green button to change to grey. This indicates that the Auto Caps setting has been disabled.

Ios Auto Capitalization Setting

Method 2: Disable the iPhone’s Caps Lock

You must disable the “Caps Lock” feature on your iPhone or iPad if everything you type on the device is capitalized. You must have Caps Lock set to always be on for this method to work.

1. Select Keyboard under Settings.

2. Toggle the “Enable Caps Lock” button to turn it off.

3. The Caps Lock button will automatically become grey when deactivating it.

Why Does My iPhone Keep Capitalizing Names Automatically?

As was already indicated, disabling auto-caps has no impact on auto-correct. Therefore, you must also turn off auto-correct if you don’t want proper nouns, such as names, to be capitalized.

However, Apple’s iOS still has this issue frequently. Even if both of these options are occasionally deactivated, some names will sometimes be capitalized. While there doesn’t appear to be a permanent solution just yet, a short reset or continually enabling and disabling auto-caps and auto-correct seems to work to resolve the issue.

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However, some believe that Apple hasn’t yet had the forethought to correct this great fault. However, some users claim that this issue appears to be resolved in later public beta versions of iOS 15.

How To Turn Off Auto Caps on Third-Party Keyboards?

Despite what many people think, you can download, install, and use third-party keyboards on an iPhone. However, many choices are available, each with a wide range of alternatives.

Here’s how to disable auto caps on a few well-known third-party iPhone keyboards; however, we can’t cover every application:


1. On your iPhone, use the Gboard app.

2. Click “Keyboard Settings” at this point.

3. Find “Auto Capitalization” and turn it off by scrolling down.


1. Switch to the Swiftkey app on your iPhone.

2. Next, click “Settings” from the menu at the top of your screen.

3. After arriving there, disable “Auto Capitalization.”

How to Capitalize an iPhone After Turning Off Auto Caps?

You should do this if you want to capitalize some words on your iPhone while using Whatsapp or while sending a message to someone.

1. Press and hold the SHIFT key on your iPhone or iPad and type the text.

2. After pressing the SHIFT key, all the text you input will be uppercase.

3. Stop holding down the SHIFT key and begin typing in small letters.

4. You may similarly enable the “Capital Letter” choices on your iPhone.

5. Using these techniques, you may permanently disable the auto-capitalization feature on your iPhone and iPad.


Question. On my iPhone, how do I install new keyboards?

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Answer. You can download keyboard apps from the App Store if you have iOS 8 or later. Then, go to the Settings app and put your new iPhone keyboard there.

Question. How do I make the keyboard bigger on my iPhone?

Answer. Enabling Display Zoom is the only option to make the keyboard bigger. Choose View > Zoomed > Set under Settings > Display & Brightness. Everything on the screen enlarges in size when Display Zoom is enabled.

Question. How do I move the iPhone keyboard?

Answer. Tap and hold the globe icon in the bottom-left corner of the keyboard to open it. Change the location of the keyboard by selecting one of the icons in the pop-up menu.

Question. How do I type accents on my iPhone keyboard?

Answer. Choose an option from the menu that appears after tapping and holding the character you want to give an accent to. There are no accents for that character if nothing shows up.

Answer. How do I add emojis to my Phone?

Question. Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard > Emoji to enable emojis on iOS. Tap the Globe icon next to the keyboard to utilize emojis.

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