Is Cedarwood Oil Safe For Dogs? Here Are The Benefits And Risks

Is Cedarwood Oil Safe For Dogs

Cedarwood oil is a popular essential oil used in many personal care products. Is cedarwood oil safe for dogs? There is a considerable dispute since some people believe it is harmful while others claim it is safe when used in tiny doses. You should discuss cedarwood oil usage with your veterinarian if you are concerned about its safety for your dog.

Background Information

White Cedar oil is an essential ingredient in good-quality scented and aromatic soaps. Many top brands of dog shampoo contain this essential oil, as do cat shampoos. It also contributes to the fragrance of many popular incense products used for humans and pets.

Citrus oils such as lemon, lime, orange or mandarin have fragrant properties similar to cedarwood. You may find these oils listed under their familiar names on the ingredient label. Citrus oils are commonly found in toothpaste, lemon or other citrus essential oil that contributes to their flavour and aroma They may also be used as an additive for fragrance in products such as soaps especially bath gel and laundry detergent. It can sometimes achieve cleansing breath with these ingredients alone, but it depends significantly on your personal preference of taste and scent you wish to achieve.

Is Cedarwood Oil Safe For Dogs

Cedarwood oil is safe for dogs and can be used topically on your dog.

However, it should not be ingested or rubbed directly into the skin. If you want to use this oil on your dog, we recommend using a minimal amount first and if the oil burns your skin or eyes, stop using it immediately. If you wish to try out this oil on your dog, I recommend starting with a small dose of 2%, just until you know that it is not toxic for them.

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If applied inappropriately in large amounts or used very frequently, these oils can be highly poisonous. Poisonings take several forms, such as oral ingestion, inhalation etc., so make sure never use this mist for any reason on your dog orally.

We highly recommend not using Chinese cedar oil directly on them, as this does provide a homoeopathic benefit to the oils; however, it is only applicable topically in low concentrations of 0.2% or less.

Cedarwood Oil Benefits for Dogs

Some of the benefits of cedarwood oil include the following;

  • It has a delightful scent.
  • It’s not a strong smell
  • It can be used as an essential oil for dogs in various ways. You can add some to your dog’s bath or use it in ball toys.
  • It is often used to fight fleas or ticks.
  • Cedarwood oil can also be used as a natural pesticide.
  • It acts as a natural insecticide, fungicide, and herbicide
  • It is used to control aphids, mites, whiteflies, and other common garden pests.
  • Cedarwood oil also effectively repels mosquitoes and other vectors that carry diseases.

Thyme oil can be included in the list of choices meant to relieve pain and check first because it may not necessarily burn you (but rather give a massage) if it becomes dry.

Types of Cedarwood Oil

There are many different types of cedarwood oil, but the most common one is called Cedarwood Essential Oil.

Cedarwood essential oil has been used for centuries, as it blends with subtle notes of citrus and herbal. Most people like the scent: a fresh, clean pine forest scent, but not everyone likes its bitterness on their skin.

Cedarwood oil is known to help maintain good oral health because they aid the regeneration of gums by stimulating them (remember gum massage). It also contains tannins that strengthen teeth or prevent bacteria from attaching themselves to enamel surfaces making tooth roots strong enough to resist cavities and infections.

Compared to most essential oils, Cedarwood Essential Oil is considered a strong-smelling oil, so if you are not careful, your dog may be tired at first and then more when the scent becomes absorbed in his skin. According to our customers, cedarwood oil for dogs gives them a delightful sensation; hence we can put it on their paws.

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1.Atlas Oil (Cedrus atlantica)

Cedrus atlantica is also known as Atlas Cedar and California Redcedar. It belongs to the cedar family (Pinaceae), though it looks more like an oak plant because of its striped leaves, thimble-shaped yellow flowers, and reddish-brown woody bark with a knotty texture. The genus name comes from the Greek word “atlas“, which refers to something significant. Atlas, who carried the world’s weight on his shoulders, was the inspiration for the tree’s name. The thorned branches may be sourced to achieve this image, though there is little evidence that polarity or mandrake roots were used in antiquity for their magical properties.

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2. Himalayan Oil (Cedrus deodorant)

Himalayans are one of the most valuable cedar trees found in the Himalayas Mountains. They grow taller and have more branches than Red Cedars, making them appear umbrella-shaped adorned by a red-brown bark – like a giant walking stick with fingers searching for open space. The distinctive cone grows from its branches, having 35 spiral layers down to an actual seed at its base where there is no wood but has many spirals.

3. Texas Oil (Juniperus ashei Mexicana)

The Mexican juniper is a majestic shrub, 30 feet high with dark green leaves and small white solitary flowers from January through March. The bark reveals an assortment of reddish-brown knots that often occur in the flat bowels but do not have as many resin glands as other cedars with urethane or pine oil (aromadendrite) should be diluted when used externally on dogs.

4. Virginian Oil (Juniperus virginiana)

It is more often called scented cedar,

Pacific (Juniperus occidentalis) This tree has been incorporated into Native American ceremonies and used medicinally for many centuries. Squirrels also consume it as a food source; the seeds are pretty nutritious. The inner bark can be found to have arimadendrite that produces high concentrations of pinene.

5. Chinese Oil (Cupressus funebris)

It is known as ‘chanko’ in Asian culture, and it contains high amounts of oil. The straight branches can reach waist height, hence their use to hang clothing very close with a scent that wafts upward, giving them the name perfume trees.

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When dried, they are often used as incense sticks; many also use their beautiful red bark for ornamental purposes. Chinese cedar has been found to contain alkaloids similar to other species.


Are Essential Oils Dangerous for Dogs?

This essential oil is safe for dogs. However, some oils are more dangerous than others. If you have a dog with a sensitive stomach or try to treat them for a health condition, make sure that the essential oil you choose has been gentle on their system. You can accomplish this through a carrier oil which will dilute the essential oil needed to provide therapeutic benefit and still be safe for your dog’s health.

How can I use cedarwood oil to make my dog healthier and happier?

Cedarwood oil is a versatile natural oil that can improve your dog’s health and well-being. One way is to use it as a natural flea and tick repellent. It has a strong odour that will repel these pests, and it is also effective in killing ticks. Additionally, you can use cedarwood oil to treat skin conditions such as flea bites, eczema, and seborrheic dermatitis. It is also effective for reducing inflammation, treating anxiety, and calming animals.

Can I give my dog cedarwood oil topically or orally?

, you should apply it topically. However, some people believe that cedarwood oil can be safely orally, while others believe that it is not safe to do so. Therefore, it is crucial to speak with a veterinarian before using cedarwood oil.

Can dogs smell cedarwood?

It can be challenging to answer, as different dogs may react differently to cedarwood. Some may find it unpleasant, while others may enjoy the scent. If your dog responds positively to the smell, it is best to keep the cedarwood near the dog to prevent them from getting into any trouble.


Cedarwood oil is a natural oil derived from the wood of the cedar tree. It has a sweet, woodsy scent and has been used for centuries as a remedy for various ailments in humans and animals. Some people believe that they can use cedarwood oil safely to treat dogs, while others are not so sure. Before using cedarwood oil on your dog, we recommend you should speak to your veterinarian to make sure that it is safe for your pet.

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