Does KFC Take Apple Pay? Here Is What To Know

Does Kfc Take Apple Pay?
Does Kfc Take Apple Pay?

Yes, KFC does take Apple Pay. Here is how to use Apple Pay at KFC.

Retailers, hotels, and even landlords are quickly adopting contactless transactions as the standard. It is significantly safer for businesses and customers to make contactless payments than using standard debit or credit cards.

You might be wondering if KFC has accepted contactless purchases as more companies use them. To find out if KFC offers Apple Pay, continue reading!

About KFC


One of the most well-known fast food establishments in the world is KFC. It is not surprising that millions of people visit KFC every day for their best-selling fried chicken and other delectable menu items, given that they have over 22,000 locations throughout the world. But what differentiates KFC from other fast-food restaurants? To begin with, KFC prides itself on using only the best ingredients in its recipes.

Everything at KFC is produced from scratch and with care, whether it’s their famous fried chicken or traditional sides like mashed potatoes and coleslaw. KFC is dedicated to giving all of its visitor’s first-rate customer service. It’s no surprise that KFC has become such a well-known global brand given its quick service at the counter, reasonable prices, and welcoming environment.

Does KFC Take Apple Pay?


In-app payments made with Apple Pay are accepted at KFC restaurants and drive-thrus.

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They were one of the first businesses to accept Apple Pay and started doing so in 2016.

The same payment option is accepted for both online and drive-thru orders.

As of 2022, KFC takes Apple Pay as a valid payment option at most of its retail locations. Additionally, KFC allows Apple Pay for drive-thru orders, online deliveries, and in-store purchases. Samsung Pay and Google Pay are two other mobile payment options that KFC offers, and the restaurant will likely take more payment options in the future.

If you frequently purchase meals from KFC, you probably want to know what payment methods the restaurant accepts and how to use them. Here are my findings regarding using Apple Pay at KFC!


How To Use Apple Pay On iPhone At KFC?


You can pay at KFC restaurants and drive-thrus using an iPhone or iPad. Follow the proper procedure below to pay for meals at KFC using your iPhone:

  1. Find “Apple Pay” in the App Store and download it to your iPhone.
  2. Go to the settings on your phone, choose “Wallet & Apple Pay,” and press the Plus (+) button.
  3. Before clicking “Continue,” select the preferred payment method and click “Add a Card.” then type in your debit or credit card details.
  4. The terms and conditions of Apple will be presented to you, and you will be prompted to confirm the details of any saved credit card information.
  5. After you complete the verification, the bank will validate your card information, and you can start using Apple Pay.
  6. If your iPhone has a Touch ID, you can make purchases once your card has been approved by double-tapping the home button on the screen (or the lock button on the right-hand side) and leaving your finger on the sensor until it says “Done.”
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You validate your purchases by looking at the screen or entering your password if your iPhone has a face ID.


How To Use Apple Pay For KFC’s Online Deliveries


One convenient part of ordering food from KFC is that you can do so using the restaurant’s app. Here are the steps to follow when using Apple Pay for KFC’s online deliveries.

  1. Sign in to your account on the KFC mobile app. You can continue as a guest if you don’t have an account.
  2. Select your preferred restaurant and choose a pickup time.
  3. Add your meal to the cart.
  4. Confirm your order in your cart and click “Continue to Payment.”
  5. Finally, enter your contacts and delivery details and select Apple Pay as your payment


How to Use Apple Pay At KFC On Your Apple Watch


  • Double-tap the dial’s right-side button to get started.
  • Enter your passcode if prompted.
  • Last but not least, keep your Apple Watch placed over the contactless payment reader until the transaction is finished. That’s it!

Should You Use Apple Pay at KFC?


Because Apple Pay is so convenient, using it to pay at KFC is a great idea. The downside is that a low battery prevents you from using it.

It is more secure than cash or credit cards because it uses two-factor authentication.


Advantages of Using Apple Pay at KFC


Apple and KFC worked together to make it simple for customers to complete purchases.

  1. Adding your debit card with Apple Pay may take advantage of savings and convenience.
  2. Due to Apple Pay’s high level of security, carrying numerous cards is not essential.
  3. Their reliance on cash decreases, and Apple Pay greatly speeds up their checkout queues.
  4. Apple Pay enables one-click payments.
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Can I Get Cashback While Using Apple Pay at KFC?


If you use the Apple Pay Card and the shops accept it, Apple will give you cashback. There are no transactional restrictions on the cashback, and you can use it often.

You can receive up to 3 percent cash back on each transaction. Look up the full terms and conditions on the Apple website.


Users of the Apple Pay Card often earn rewards for each transaction they complete using the card. You can verify your eligibility on the Apple website.


The Apple Pay Card is advised if you regularly shop because you’ll receive rewards on every purchase. It results in substantial cost savings over time.


Is It Safe To Use Apple Pay At KFC?


At every KFC store, Apple Pay is secure to use. For instance, Apple Pay enables you to transact safely and privately wherever that contactless payment are accepted.

Additionally, the app is safer than real prepaid, debit, and credit cards because it was created with your privacy and security.

Apple uses device-specific numbers and one-of-a-kind transaction codes to keep your information confidential.

Many users have been using Apple Pay without any problems for a long now. The mobile payment service is gaining popularity in the United States and across the globe because of its distinct security feature.

You can read our posts on whether KFC accepts EBT, whether or not KFC has grilled chicken, and whether or not KFC chips are vegan if you want to learn more about KFC.




In conclusion, using Apple Pay to pay for your next KFC meal is easy and secure. Compared to more traditional payment options like cash or credit cards, this payment method has some advantages thanks to its advanced security features and user-friendly smartphone app. Therefore, Apple Pay is something to consider if you’re searching for a simple way to pay at KFC.

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