How To Look At Iphone Calculator History?

How To Look At Iphone Calculator History?

If you’re like most people, you probably use your iPhone to do a lot of calculations. Whether you need to figure out how much money you have in your bank account, how much fuel you need in your car, or how many calories are in that piece of cake, using a calculator on your phone is a must. But what if you want to look back at the calculations you’ve made in the past? With modern smartphones, that’s easy to do. In this article, we’ll explain how to access and view the calculator history on your iPhone.

How do I look at my calculator history on my iPhone

So how to look at my calculator history on iPhone?

Answer: Unlike Android phone, the calculator app on iPhone does not store your previous calculations however, it does have a memory function similar to a standard calculator whereby you can copy the last result on your phone calculator. For this it must be used landscape for the scientific calculator to appear.

1. Open the calculator app on your phone. Then swipe or long press and hold it for a few seconds.

2. Select ‘Copy Last Result’ from the drop-down menu.

Calculator History Iphone 1

3. The app will display the most recent calculation result.

However, if you want a calculator software that can remember your functions, you should get any other calculator app from the App Store. Many apps will not only preserve your information, but will also include time stamps. You can also save your computations as bookmarks. You can also send the computation history to someone else via email.

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Install Calculator with History + from the App Store if you require a calculator with a back button. This application is not only completely free, but it also displays your calculating history. This is a better option than the stock iOS calculator for individuals who want a history of their calculations retained. It also allows you to paste a number by long-pressing on it.


Frequently ask questions on how to look at your calculator history on iPhone

How do I use my iPhone calculator?

There are a few different ways to use your iPhone calculator, and each one has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The most common way to use your iPhone calculator is by entering the expression you want to solve in the top row, and then pressing the equal sign (=) in the bottom row. This will result in the equation being placed in the middle of the screen, and you can then use the buttons on the keyboard to input the values that you want.

Another way to use your iPhone calculator is by entering the expressions in the top row and then pressing the plus (+) button to add them together. This will result in the equation being placed in the bottom row, and you can then use the buttons on the keyboard to input the values that you want.

Finally, you can also use your iPhone calculator to solve equations using square roots and other mathematical operations.

Why I could see my iPhone 6 home page through Calculator?

This could be due to a security issue with the Calculator app. If you are using the app and see the iPhone 6 home page through it, please uninstall and reinstall the app. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Apple Support.

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What is the best calculator app for iPhone / iPad?

There are many great calculator apps available for both iPhone and iPad, but which is the best?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best calculator app for you will depend on your needs and preferences. However, some of the most popular and well-rated calculator apps include:

iOS: Apple’s built-in Calculator app is perfect for basic calculations and is available on both iPhone and iPad.

Android: Google’s official calculator app is available on both Android phones and tablets and is highly rated for its user interface and functionality.

Windows: Microsoft’s calculator app is available on Windows 10 devices and includes features such as scientific notation, fractions, and floating point numbers.


Do you ever wonder how much work your calculator has done over the years? Perhaps you need to work out a complicated equation, or you’re just curious about how it’s been performing overall. There is no way to save the history of your calculations in the iOS calculator. If you wish to go back and look at your inputs, this might be a major issue. As a result, you have the option of downloading calculator apps from the App Store. This may be the most efficient way to view your iPhone’s calculator history.

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