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Cane Corso Mix With Boxer
Cane Corso Boxer Mix

The Cane Corso Mix With Boxer, also known as Italian Mastiff, Cane Corxer, Italiano Mastino, or Italian Fighting Dog (although it’s more of a pet than a fighting dog), is the result of breeding cane Corso with Boxer. The two breeds are the ones that make up this dog breed. If you’re interested in this dog breed and want to learn more about cane Corso mix with Boxer, then you’ve come to the right place.

Overview: Cane Corso vs Boxer

Trait Cane Corso Boxer
Height 25-27.5 inches (male)

23.5-26 inches (female)

23-25 inches (male)

21.5-23.5 inches (female)

Weight Proportionate to height 65-80 pounds (male)

females are about 15 pounds less than male

Life Expectancy 9-12 years 10-12 years
Breed Group Working Working
Behavior intelligent / affectionate / majestic active / bright / fun-loving
Barking Medium Medium
Energy High High
Adaptability Medium Medium
Trainability Easy Easy
Watchdog/Protective High, Very vigilant High
Shedding Low Low
Coat type Smooth Smooth
Coat length Short Short

Cane Corso boxer mix

A cross between a Cane Corso and a Boxer is known as a Cane Corso Boxer mix. These two hunting dogs are crossed, and the offspring have a strong and athletic physique. The Cane Corxer is another name for this hybrid. It can be identified by qualities such as sociability, trainability, and activity.

This breed of dog is intelligent and independent, making for a strong-willed dog who, if poorly trained, may exhibit bad behavior.

You shouldn’t anticipate anything less from these Cane Corxers, given that both parents were working dogs with wonderful temperaments.

Unfortunately, most kennel associations, including the American Kennel Club, do not recognize these Cane Corso hybrids (AKC).

Therefore, while having a great appearance and a good build, they are unable to participate in dog shows held by these clubs.


Since the Cane Corxer mix is a hybrid and not a purebred, there is very little to no information available regarding the origin and history of this dog breed.

We can better understand how and why this mix was created if we know its parents’ history and origin.

Cane Corso

Cane Corso
Cane Corso

The Cane Corso is a member of the group of working breeds known as molossus dogs, or mollosers, after the Molossi, an ancient Greek race said to have bred huge, big-boned guard dogs similar to Mastiffs. The armies that conquered and colonized the Greek islands at the height of the Roman Empire brought mollosers back to Italy and crossed them with indigenous Italian varieties.

The descendant of these crossings was the contemporary Corso and the larger relative of the Corso, the Neapolitan Mastiff. As “prefer,” brave dogs who attacked enemy lines with buckets of flaming oil attached to their backs, the original Corsi were used as dogs of conquest and earned their stripes in this capacity. It is believed that the early Corsi were larger, more ponderous dogs than the sleeker, cat-like movement of the modern Corsi.

Italy’s legions and their dogs were out of a job when the Western Empire collapsed in the fifth century. Corsi became skilled at civilian occupations like farming, herding animals, hunting wild boar, and—most notably—guarding farmsteads and henhouses. For years, the Corso was a common sight on the fields and meadows that dot the Italian countryside. However, mechanical farming, frequent invasions of Sicily and the Italian peninsula, political and economic upheavals, and other factors combined drastically lowered the Corso population. The breed was all but extinct by the middle of the 20th century. 

Specimens did, however, continue to exist throughout provincial Italy. A group of Italian fanciers came together in the 1970s to restore the breed of their rural ancestors. When the Society Amorati Cane Corso (Society of Cane Corso Lovers) was established in 1983, Corsis were displayed in European dog competitions. The Corso was brought to America for the first time in 1988, and the AKC recognized the breed in 2010.


Boxer Standing Facing Forward.

The Boxer breed was developed in Germany in the late 19th century, much like the Dachshund. The Old English Bulldog and the now-extinct Bullenbeisser were used to create the Boxers. They are agile hunting canines. Its duty was to capture and hold the prey until the hunters arrived. After the First World War, they were later transported to the United States.

The Boxer was brought home by returning soldiers and quickly gained popularity as a companion, show dog, and guard dog.


Trait Rating
Height 23-28 inches
Weight 65-110 pounds
Color Black, Brown, Brindle
Temperament Energetic, Curious, Intelligent, Social, Alert, Affectionate
Suitable for Experienced dog owners, active owners, families without other animals, families of all sizes
Lifespan 10-12 years
Price $700 and $2,500

What Does a Cane Corxer Look Like? This breed is a mix of a cane Corso and Boxer, with the cane Corso as the dominant breed. They are large and powerful dogs with muscular bodies, though they are not fat. When fully grown, this dog can weigh up to 65 pounds. Like both breeds from which it has been bred, it has a broad head and shoulders with a deep chest that reaches the ground when standing. They have short coats and are usually black or brindle in color. These dogs have traits from each parent, like the Boxer’s stubbornness and cane Corso’s protective nature. 

This dog is tall and has floppy ears, which breeders and owners like cropping. But even in the United States, ear cropping is a technique that is losing favor.

The floppy chin that both parent breeds have is another characteristic. A Cane Corso mix with Boxer need not necessarily have a boxer’s rather flat face. The Cane Corxer has a longer look than a Boxer but a flatter one than a Cane Corso.

Even if a few other colors are conceivable and acceptable, their eyes should be warm and dark brown in tone.

Watch the video to know the full appearance of the cane Corso mix with Boxer.


His parents’ temperament is a great match in a Cane Corso mix with Boxer dog. Strong and self-reliant, this dog will go to great lengths to safeguard his entire family.

But because they aren’t very friendly, they could experience anxiety around strangers. In spite of this, they will be fiercely devoted to their owners, whom they will regard as pack members.

They are very affectionate dogs who adore their owners above all else. They will adore nothing more at the end of a long day than to cuddle up on the couch with their owners. Some might even have separation anxiety if left alone for a long period, but fortunately, their independence usually prevents them from experiencing these problems.

This is a dog that will also want to participate in all of your daily activities. Despite what his stature might suggest, be prepared to spend time with a velcro dog.

This is due to the fact that this breed combines the warmth of the Boxer type with the independence and hatred of strangers of his Cane Corso father breed.

Overall, this is a tough dog with a tender side shown when they are with the people they love.


A loving dog who adores his owners, a Cane Corso Boxer mix will do anything to please them. This does not imply that he will be simple to train, though. Reasons will be discussed.

Training a Cane Corxer dog is not too difficult. This dog is highly intelligent and eager to please. He is not easily distracted, and he naturally maintains his attention.

When he grows into an adult dog, he might not be as eager to comply with every instruction you provide. He is a pretty independent dog; thus, he won’t enjoy doing things for which he sees no benefit.

As a result, you should concentrate on training them as early as feasible.

Contrarily, Boxers are difficult to train as dogs. This isn’t because they lack intelligence; on the contrary. These very clever dogs need a lot of mental and physical activity.

Otherwise, they will become distracted and interested in whatever they are now finding interesting.

Boxers can take some time to teach even the simplest tactics because of their lack of attention.

Due to this, training a Cane Corso mix with Boxer hybrid may pose some challenges.

How to Train a Cane Corso Boxer Mix?

A  Cane Corxer dog should be trained by a qualified dog trainer. This is because no new dog owner can be familiar with all the advice and techniques for training a dog that size and independent.

There are several strategies you can use, though.

You must first and foremost be firm but kind. Even though a puppy is not a child, you shouldn’t yell at him or even get physical.

A dog cannot speak English once he enters your home. In other words, don’t expect him to be familiar with basic instructions immediately. Instead, lead him and explain the purpose of each instruction.

Find a quiet area with few distractions where you can train your dog. Your cane corso mix with boxer will easily become distracted if his Boxer father is any clue. He will be likelier to listen to you if he has fewer outside distractions.

Use constructive criticism to aid in training. Dogs are unable to understand punishment, but they are quite capable of understanding rewards.

Additionally, remember that dogs retain all the behaviors you have favored. As a result, if you give in to the puppy’s look and are not persistent, your dog will learn that he can have whatever he wants by being persistent enough.

Always maintain consistency and work to train your dog to be the greatest dog he can be.


The cane Corso mixed with Boxer is an attractive dog that has the size and appearance of a cane Corso, with the athleticism and intelligence of a boxer. 

Due to their high energy level, these dogs require daily exercise for around an hour and a half. Although they may gladly run and play in your yard, you should make time for walking or running even after their regular daily activity has ended.

All dogs, but especially the Cane Corxer, can become destructive and behave badly if they aren’t given a suitable outlet for their energy. Make sure you provide lots of exercise time for your pup to burn off any potential negative energy because they will inherit neediness, the potential for chewing, and destructive behavior.

These dogs enjoy socializing with you and your family; therefore, exercising will make them the happiest. This breed may obtain both exercise and quality time at once by going on walks, running, participating in agility training, and playing fetch.

Feeding requirements

To answer that question, first, let’s define the needs of a boxer. They are an active dog that likes a lot of exercises and prefers to eat small meals five or six times per day. A cane Corso, on the other hand, is a large breed dog with a slower metabolism. The routine can be as follows; dry kibble during breakfast, dry kibble at lunch, canned food during dinner, and raw meat throughout the day.

Possible health conditions

The following are some of the most common health issues seen in Cane Corso/Boxer hybrids:

  • Hip dysplasia: Boxers are prone to hip dysplasia, also known as Hip Luxation. This condition is genetic and can be inherited from their parents. German Shepherds are one of the dog breeds that commonly have hip dysplasia due to an inherited gene called the Dysplastic Dwarfism Gene (Dys). Cane Corsos often inherit this gene, so breeders recommend that all cane corsos should have a genetic test for hip dysplasia.
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA): A genetic retinal condition known as PRA causes dogs to lose their vision completely. It progresses gradually, starting with night blindness before cataracts eventually develop and cause total blindness.
  • Dilated cardiomyopathy: This disorder causes the low chambers of the heart to expand, which thins the muscular wall and eventually impairs the heart’s capacity to pump blood to the body’s other organs. This frequently leads to fluid buildup in some tissues, including the lungs.


The average lifespan of a cane Corso mix is 12-15 years, and 13-16 years for the Boxer. Given that both dogs share relatively the same lifespan, this mix is not conducive to people who wish to own a dog with a long life span.

What is the cost of a cane Corso mix with Boxer?

The price of a cane Corso mix with Boxer is dependent on the pup’s weight and age. Starting at around $1500, it can vary anywhere from $700 to over $2500. You can often find purebred dogs in the intermediate price range. We’ll provide you with a helpful guide on the factors that will determine the price you’ll have to pay for your pup.

Grooming and caring

Grooming is an important part of owning a cane Corso mix. They do shed, so if you do not want to live with pet hair, keep this in mind before adopting one. You should brush your cane Corso mix once or twice a week to reduce the amount of loose hair it leaves around your home.

Use a rubber grooming comb designed for dogs and comb from head to tail, brushing away from the skin. You may want to use a dog shampoo for extra conditioning on their coat.

However, a Cane Corso Boxer Mix that prefers the Boxer may have difficulty in hot weather because this breed’s small muzzle hinders cooling. This implies that these dogs should be groomed daily in extremely hot weather to promote cooling.

Make sure to include thorough cleaning of the ears as part of any grooming practice to prevent infection and clipping of the nails. Additionally, make sure to thoroughly clean the area around the face, especially after eating, since Boxer-favored dogs may find food particles persisting in the jowls and any facial wrinkles.

5 interesting facts about the crossbreed

  • Cane Corso mix is one of the America’s most sought-after cross breed. 
  • These dogs were originally bred as fighting dogs and herders. 
  • Cane Corso mix possesses strong physical abilities with a high level of intelligence, making them excellent working dogs. 
  • You might want to socialize with these dogs when they’re young because they might be aloof when they get older.

Personal experience with the crossbreed – warnings and comments

When getting a cane Corso mix with Boxer, you want to look for a housebroken and socialized dog. Cane Corso mix with boxer can be aggressive at times, so make sure you don’t leave your pet alone for too long, as it can lead to bad habits. Additionally, Cane Corxer can suffer from various genetic defects such as blindness or deafness; however, this is usually an expensive surgery, and not all pets get treated.


Now that you know a little more about dogs’ breeds and temperaments, you can see why it is important to ensure your dog gets a balanced diet. You will have to be observant when choosing food for your Cane Corso mix with Boxer so they can get all the essential nutrients they need. Remember, they may have different dietary needs, and one breed may require more food than the other.

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