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Goldendoodle or Pom-a-Rescue? How to Choose the Perfect Golden Retriever Pomeranian Mix for Your Family

Golden Retriever  Pomeranian Mix
Golden Retriever Pomeranian Mix

Featuring a thick golden coat and regal, pointed ears, the golden retriever pomeranian mix is quickly becoming one of North America’s most popular designer dog breeds. Known for its incredible intelligence and sweet disposition, the pomeranian golden retriever mix will provide you with years of enjoyment and companionship if you’re thinking about bringing one into your home.

Let’s take a closer look at what this crossbreed has to offer and how it differs from purebred Pomeranians and golden retrievers to help you make an informed decision on whether this breed fits into your lifestyle.

What is Pomeranian Golden Retriever Mix

A pomeranian golden retriever mix is a dog that has traits from both the golden retriever and the Pomeranian. The typical height of a pup is 21-24 inches, weighs 55-75 pounds, and has long fur that may be blonde, black, or brown in color. These dogs can make excellent family pets for those with limited space.

Pomeranians and Golden Retrievers are two popular breeds known for their fun, playful attitudes. So it comes as no surprise that a crossbreed between the two would be energetic and friendly. They’re also small dogs which makes them perfect for apartment living. If you’re looking for a furry companion with boundless energy to keep you on your toes, this mix is the right pick.

Quick info about Golden Retriever Pomeranian Mix

Trait Result
Height 21-24 inches
Weight 55-75 Pounds
Color Golden
Personality Intelligent and friendly.
Breed Type Cross Breed
AKC Recognition Not recognized
Temperament Courageous, independent, and strong.
Coat type Double (Golden or Orange)
Common Health Issues Allergies, Joint dysplasia, Skin conditions
Life Expectancy 12 to 14 years
Cost $500-$2000
Trainability It is not hard to train

History and Origin

Pomeranians and Golden Retrievers, in particular, are two popular breeds of dogs. These animals have a lot in common, but each has qualities that make them stand out from others. The Golden Retriever mixed with Pomeranian is the result of breeding these two breeds together and brings out the best traits in both dogs for a beautiful hybrid animal with loyal companionship and a playful temperament to share with you or your family.

Golden retriever pomeranian mix is a cross breed and there is not much history of this new breed. But we can trace their origin to their parent breed.

Let’s quickly review the histories of the two parent breeds to understand better where the Pomeranian Golden Retriever Mix breed originated.

Overview: Golden Retriever vs Pomeranian

Trait Golden Retriever Pomeranian
Height 23-24 inches (male)

21.5-22.5 inches (female)

6-7 inches
Weight 65-75 pounds (male)

55-65 pounds (female)

3-7 pounds
Life Expectancy 10-12 years 12-16 years
Breed Group Sport Toy
Behavior intelligent / friendly / devoted inquisitive / lively / bold
Barking Low, only to alert High
Energy High Medium
Adaptability Medium High
Trainability Medium Medium
Watchdog/Protective Medium High
Shedding High Low
Coat type Double Double
Coat length Medium Long

Golden retriever history

Golden Retriever
Golden Retriever

The Golden retriever was first observed at a British dog exhibition in 1908, and at the same time, good examples of the breed started traveling from Canada to the United States. Sport hunters valued the breed’s practicality, show lovers admired its beauty and grace, and everyone was taken aback by the Golden’s gentle, logical disposition.

The Golden Retriever has long been appreciated in America, but it was during President Gerald Ford’s administration and the decade of his gorgeous Golden Retriever named Liberty that the breed’s recognition truly began to soar.

Pomeranian history


The Pomeranian is one of the most ancient breeds in Europe. Known for centuries as an animal companion and entertainer, Pom’s lineage traces back to one of China’s oldest canine herding/guarding breeds: the Chinese Court Dog or Foo Dog.

This spitz-type dog stands out because he retains his ancestral double coat, which gives him his distinctive fluffy look.

The Pomeranians are breeds of the European Pomerania region between Poland and Germany. They are a breed that originated in Germany and was used to help farms by protecting and herding cattle and pulling sleds.

Out of the 195 dog breeds registered with the American Kennel Club, the Pomeranian is the 23rd most common purebred dog breed in the US.

This breed eventually arrived in the UK and lived with queen Charlotte in the 18th century. The Pomeranian is now more of a lap dog than a working breed.



Golden retrievers are fluffy, gentle giants with golden fur and amicable dispositions.

This mixed breed inherits features from both parents, as one might anticipate. Appearances and sizes might change depending on which features are displayed.

In fact, given the size difference between a medium Golden Retriever and a toy Pomeranian, some of those differences may be quite noticeable.

The fur tends to be long and has some of the fluffy consistency you would see with a Pom.

The ears can be floppy, or they can stand up.

There may be a combination of both dogs’ physical traits.

A first-generation Pomeranian Mix will produce the most erratic results. This hybrid was created by breeding a Golden Retriever and a Pomeranian together.

Pomeranian Golden Retrievers with multiple generations are another option. For instance, you can create a second-generation Pomtriever by breeding two first-generation Pomtrievers.

Work with a breeder that can produce a fourth- or fifth-generation Pomeranian Golden Retriever if you want more predictable qualities.

Coat type

Typically, the coat will be golden or orange. Given that both parents often have coat colors that are comparable, this is probably one of the traits that people share the most.


There is a wide range in size. You can anticipate a height of roughly 21 to 24 inches on average While the weight can be around 60 pounds. In terms of size, this cross breed typically resembles its Golden Retriever parent more than its Pomeranian parent.


The Golden Retriever Pomeranian mix has a lovely personality and is highly affectionate and friendly.

  • A properly socialized pomretriever has good contact with other young children, animals, and strangers. They are really gorgeous dogs.
  • The golden pomeranian mix will respond to your family’s affection and devotion if you treat and care for it properly.
  • You will like playing with and watching this mixes.
  • Due to the high level of activity in these dogs, you may wish to exercise them routinely to keep them tired most of the time.
  • The Golden Retriever Pomeranian Mix breed enjoys physical challenges and gets along well with both kids and other animals.


Pomeranians are known for their smart, active, and playful natures. Golden retrievers are more laid back, easygoing, and adaptable to various circumstances. As you might expect, the Pomeranian Golden Retriever mix is a well-balanced dog with a friendly and kind temperament. They can be timid at first but quickly open up after a little bit of time.

The golden retriever pomeranian mix is a well-behaved dog with a courageous, independent, and strong personality.

This is a very social and friendly dog, but because of their need for company, they do not enjoy being left alone for long periods. You can use the tips I provide here to assist your golden retriever in being alone for a long without issues because this is a result of their golden retriever background.

The combination will inherit a balanced character because, in fact, they will combine the Pomeranian’s intelligence and defending impulses with the golden’s affectionate, playful, and loving nature.

Pomeranians and golden retrievers are both energetic dog breeds, and their cross will not be any different. Members of this breed can play with anyone for hours on end without getting tired.

Golden retrievers get along well with children and babies, but they can accidentally knock kids over because of their size. On the other hand, Pomeranians are fantastic family dogs but should not be around children due to their small size and potential for injury. So, when you combine them, you get the ideal size.

Because both of their parents are amiable and loving breeds, they inherited their incredible loyalty to their favorite people and made fantastic companions.

You can also check Pomeranian and French Bulldog Mix if the temperament of this crossbreed if you are not satisfy with this one.


Although both the golden retriever and the Pomeranian shed, they do so in different ways. The golden retriever sheds more because of its thicker coat, whereas the Pomeranian has less dense fur, making it less than the golden retriever. However, if you are considering adopting one or more of these wonderful dogs with shedding in mind, don’t worry, as you can brush them once a day, and it will also help them out with their coats.

Grooming and Caring

Finding a groomer that works well with your dog’s personality and coat type is important. It is also very important to choose a groomer that has experience with this particular mix, as the grooming requirements for a golden retriever mixed with Pomeranian are quite different from the typical golden retriever or Pomeranian.

The mix’s coat is fluffy, more like a Pomeranian’s than a retriever’s, so it needs to be brushed at least once a week.

In order to properly care for their coat, you must brush them frequently enough to prevent mats from forming; otherwise, you will also have to deal with tangles and knots.

You must constantly check inside their ear for any symptoms of infection while combing them.

You should regularly cut their nails if you don’t want them to damage your furniture.

The mix should take a bath once or twice a month. Be sure to use chemical-free shampoo and conditioner on them, and steer clear of taking them too frequently to prevent drying up their skin. Since the Pomtriever and Golden Retriever are likely to have a similar coat type, you can see my recommendations for shampoo for those breeds here.

Training and Exercise

If you are considering a new breed of dog, there are several questions to think about. What training methods will be most effective for this breed? Will I need to exercise my dog every day, or is it an independent type who only needs to go out for a quick run every few days? Generally speaking, larger breeds need more activity than smaller breeds, a dog with the strong energy level of a Pomeranian Golden Retriever mix.

You may try to reduce their energy level if you want to protect them from becoming disruptive at home. A tired dog is always a good dog, after all.

You can effectively expend their energy by bringing your golden retriever and Pomeranian on treks and lengthy walks. But don’t exert too much pressure on them; a lengthy walk or climb will be enough to keep their energy levels low.

In addition, you can engage them with enjoyable chewable toys.

On the training aspect, the Golden Retriever Pomeranian mixes are, in fact, smart dogs. You can easily train them. When he does well, be sure to thank him with a treat or some kind of feedback. Golden Retriever and Pomeranian mix dogs like the physical challenge and look forward to winning their owner over.

You can split their lessons into shorter daily sessions if you wish to maintain the attention span of your golden retriever and Pomeranian. You may also take them to a dog park and daycare to socialize them properly. Keep in mind that they will learn more and obey your orders as they receive more training.

Health Issues

The crossbreed is a high-strung, excitable dog prone to personality flaws often passed down in breeding. Their snub nose can lead to breathing issues and create health problems. Some genetic health problems of the golden retriever pomeranian mix include allergies, joint dysplasia, and skin conditions. These problems have led to a shorter lifespan than most breeds, often living around 12 years.

Food/Diet Needed

Well, the nutrition of hybrid dogs varies from dog to dog. Making a Pomeranian Golden Retriever Mix food plan for each dog is typical. Due to their mixed status, each of them will be varied from the others and have different nutritional needs. A raw food diet is typically seen as a healthy one.

An unpredictable mixture like this one usually happens. Additionally, according to recent research, the majority of dogs who are pets in the US are obese. Keep in mind that it’s never a good idea to overfeed a Pomeranian Golden and Retriever Mix. It’s the worst notion you could ever have, in my opinion.

Due to their tendency for elbow and hip dysplasia, a golden retriever pomeranian mix should include glucosamine, chondroitin, and fish oil in their diet. Don’t skip vitamins if you desire the long life of a golden retriever and Pomeranian mix.

Avoid giving your dog the following foods.

  • Onions
  • Avocado
  • Garlic
  • Xylitol
  • Lemons
  • Coffee
  • Grapes
  • Chocolate
  • Raisins
  • nut macadamia



How Much Does the golden retriever pomeranian mix Cost? One such dog is the Golden Retriever Pomeranian mix. When a Golden Retriever and a Pomeranian are mated, they will create a small or medium-sized dog with a white and brown or black coloration. The cost for one of these dogs depends on the quality of the breeder that you buy from and how much you’re willing to spend. Generally, if you spend less than $600 on one of these pups, it’s possible that it came from a puppy mill. Therefore, expect the price to start from $600 to around $1800.

Life Expectancy

Most Pomeranian Golden Retriever mixes are likely to have a life expectancy ranging from 12-14 years, which is quite similar to the life expectancy of both breeds. Golden Retrievers and Pomeranians usually live to be 12-14 years old, so it’s not surprising that their mix can also live on average for this amount of time.

Pros and Cons of owning a Golden Retriever Pomeranian mix

Golden Retriever Pomeranian Mix

Pomeranians are typically lap dogs for the elderly, but a golden retriever mixed with Pomeranians should be fine for all. The animals have the intelligence and energy to please both old and young. Golden retrievers mixed with poms make a wonderful combination. Unfortunately, this specific type can have health problems because of the recessive genes in these breeds. There are risks involved when crossing dogs together as they may share hereditary disorders or transmit parasites between one another.


  • Because of their friendly personalities, these make great family pets.
  • They are also less delicate, which may make them a better choice if you have young children nearby who would not be suitable playmates for a Pom.
  • They are typically closer in size to Golden Retrievers than Poms.
  • This breed of dog is often in good health.
  • Because of the golden retriever pomeranian mix’s loyal and clever nature, this combination is very trainable.
  • Pomeranian Golden Retrievers give their families never-ending love and joy thanks to their loving and cheerful personalities.
  • These dogs have stunning, silky coats.


  • This mixed breed’s barking may be too much for some individuals to tolerate. It could be challenging to break them of this behavior.
  • When this dog blows his coat, extensive grooming is sometimes necessary.
  • The fur has a tendency to be long and somewhat fluffy, similar to a Pom.
  • This dog can be more prone to dental issues, so you’ll need to take extra precautions to ensure his oral health.

How do you know if this dog breed is for you?

A lot of people are excited about the possibility that the Pomerania dog is just the right mix for them and their lifestyle. To find out if this is true, ask yourself these questions:
Are you looking for a dog that enjoys being around people? If so, this crossbreed is likely a good fit for you. These dogs love to be petted and spend time with their owners.

Are these crossbreed Hypoallergenic?

You might be considering whether having a Golden Retriever Pomeranian Mix is a good choice if you have a dog allergy. Will these dogs worsen your allergies, or are they hypoallergenic?

What you should know about “hypoallergenic dogs” is as follows. Logically speaking, a hypoallergenic dog does not exist.

The cause is that you are allergic to the proteins that dogs’ salivary and epidermis glands excrete. Not just Pomeranians or Golden Retrievers do this; all dogs do it. Dogs shed fur and dander all over your home, which is proteins.

The Pomeranian Golden Retriever is not an allergy-friendly breed. But technically, neither is any other dog.

Where can I find one?

Locating a breeder, shelter, or rescue may not be as difficult as you think. First things first, use our adoption finder to see if there is a rescue near you like Petfinder or Adoptapet. Then, visit their website to see what breeds they have up for adoption and get in touch with them to set up an appointment.

Should I get my Pomador as an adult, puppy, or a grown dog?

Since poms and goldens are two very different breeds, if you’re going to get a mixed dog, you might want to get an adult dog instead of a puppy. But if you do decide to go for a mixed pup, there’s no real rule about how old the dog should be – though they will likely come with all sorts of other temperament questions that need consideration as well.

Final thought

Though both breeds are perfect for a variety of different lifestyles, one drawback to this animal is its short lifespan. Generally, these dogs only live between 10 and 12 years old, which may not seem like much in comparison to the 20-25 year span that other dogs have. However, it is worth mentioning that because golden retriever pomeranian mixes are so small and their fur doesn’t take long to groom, it’s easier to care for them compared to many other breeds.

Other mix dog breeds

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