How To Fix Comcast Status Code 580

Comcast Status Code 580: How To Fix
Fix Comcast Status Code 580

If you’re having trouble with your Comcast internet, there are a few things you can do to try and fix the problem. In this article, we’ll outline some of the most common issues and how to fix Comcast status code 580 them. Hopefully, this will help you get your internet back up and running as quickly as possible.

Before will fix this Comcast status code 580 on Xfinity Tv box, firstly let us know what it mean..

What is the Comcast Status Code 580?

How To Fix Comcast Status Code 580

The “Status Code 580” problem message will prevent you from streaming video on your screen, and the message will appear on a blank screen. It means that before the channel you’re trying to stream can be included in your TV package, the equipment you’re presently using needs to receive approval from Xfinity. The causes behind this could be due to many fundamental variables. Here’s how you can solve it:

Xfinity status code 580 is one of the issues you may encounter from time to time, which can prevent you from having a great time, but this does not indicate their service isn’t excellent. Xfinity is well-known in the United States for providing high-quality cable TV services. Xfinity assures these value-added services on their subscription to fair invoicing and perfect image quality.

Why are the reasons for facing the Comcast Status Code 580?

Your Comcast box may be displaying a “Status Code 580” notification for various reasons.

This status code message usually appears when you try to see a channel you do not have access to. The business provides a variety of plans and services.

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There are numerous methods for determining whether you have a DVR or non-DVR connection.

If you’ve paid for a channel but are still receiving the status code, there are a few things you may do.

Although the server almost always causes the problem, you can still try debugging yourself.

The changes listed below are fairly easy and may be implemented immediately.

How to fix Xfinity Comcast status code 580?

1. Check your subscription plan for available channels.

Make sure the channel you’re trying to watch is part of your cable plan before you begin troubleshooting the status code message.

Comcast uses the “Status Code 580” notice to prevent you from watching channels you don’t have access to.

Check and double-check which channels are included in your cable plan. It can be found on the page for your program lineup. You may be asked to input your zip code on this page. You can expand the package to see the entire list of channels when that’s done.

You may still view your current subscription bundle from this page. Under popular subjects, click manage >>> under the service section. You can see all of the channels in your package’s subjects here.

If the channel is already included in your bundle, you must tighten all coax cables connected to your equipment. It will allow your equipment to be correctly linked.

2. Check your payment status.

If your cable bill is due, another reason you may be getting the status code notification on your Comcast box is if it is past due.

  • To see your billing information, go to:
  • Log in with your Xfinity ID by downloading the Xfinity app (App Store for iOS devices and Google Play Store for Android devices).
  • On the Overview tab, click the Account icon in the top left corner.
  • Select Billing Details from the Account page to see your most current bill.

If you haven’t paid your cable bill yet, you can do so directly through the Xfinity app.

The channels should be restored after you make the payment, and the status code should go.

3. Check your cables.

Gold Coax Goes Into White Wall Port In Next Photo. Silver Coax Goes Into Cable Box.

If the channel you’re trying to watch is already included in your bundle and you’ve paid for your subscription, the issue could be on your end.

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Locate the coaxial cables connecting to the back of the Comcast box and double-check that they are securely fastened.

In some circumstances, loose connections can result in status code error messages, which can be resolved by tightening the cords.

Also, make sure there are no breaks in the wires and that they aren’t caught between two large objects.

4. Reset your Comcast cable box.

You could do one more thing if none of these troubleshooting methods worked for you.

You may restore factory default settings on your Comcast cable box by resetting it just like you reset harmony factory hub.

Resetting your cable box is similar to rebooting a computer in that it clears the device’s memory, removing any problems that may have snuck in.

There is no separate reset button on the cable box because it is simple and old-fashioned.

Instead, disconnect all of the box’s connections and leave it alone.

After allowing the cable box to rest for a minute, reconnect all of the connections and turn the cable box back on.

In most circumstances, this should be sufficient to reactivate your channels.

5. Contact Support.

If none of the techniques in this article worked for you to fix Comcast status Code 580, it could mean that there is a problem on Xfinity’s end that is beyond your control.

Unfortunately, because this problem is now likely to be caused by Xfinity rather than you, the only reasonable line of action is to contact them to get it fixed.

We can attest to their customer support crew as both helpful and knowledgeable, having dealt with them on a few occasions. We anticipate that they will be able to restore your channels pretty fast due to this.

When you call them, tell them exactly what kind of problems you’re having, including the error code and whether or not you’ve done a reset. It also helps to establish that the problem occurs on channels you have subscribed to. It will help expedite the process and get your channels back to you as soon as possible.



Some common questions asked that are related to how to fix Xfinity Comcast status code 580 and their answers.

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How do I refresh my Comcast cable box?

Hit the A button on your Xfinity remote to refresh your cable box, then select the system refresh tile and press ok on the refresh now option.

What does the case mean on Xfinity?

If the word “CASE” appears on your Xfinity TV box, it signifies the equipment cannot obtain a functional cable signal.

How long does it take for a Comcast cable box to reset?

Comcast cable boxes should reset in around 15 minutes in most circumstances. However, the program guide and other related services may take up to 45 minutes to become accessible for use in some situations.

How do I know if my Xfinity cable box is bad?

Suppose your Xfinity cable box isn’t displaying the picture correctly despite properly connecting the coaxial connections and resetting the box. In that case, there’s a problem with your Xfinity cable box, and you’ll need to call Xfinity customer service.

What can I do to authorize a particular channel on Comcast?

1. You must first open the X1 manage app.

2. Then, press the Xfinity button on your remote control.

3. Highlight the app using the arrow buttons >>> press OK.

4. Highlight “manage channels” >>> press ok with the arrow buttons.

5. The off-page will appear after loading the manage Channels app. The premium, sports, subscription On-Demand, and foreign channels are all available.

Note that beside it, all of your subscribed channels will be checked. With a set price, it will appear as Subscribed >>>.

My Xfinity cable says not authorized. Why does this happen?

This issue occurs when new channels are added to your TV box, but you have yet to get the update signal that allows the channel to function. Additionally, an error may occur if you attempt to stream channels not included in your plan.

What causes my TV to say no signal on certain channels?

To begin, ensure sure your television is connected to the correct input. If you haven’t done so already, you can try changing it from TV, AV, DTV, etc. On the other hand, a defective antenna can cause no signal error. If the input/source doesn’t cause the problem, you can switch to a new antenna.


Comcast Status Code 580 is a common problem among Comcast customers, but it’s also one of the easiest to resolve once you follow the guidelines.

If you use the Xfinity app on your smartphone to stream movies and TV shows, it may cause certain issues, which will result in a status code error on your cable box.

In this scenario, you can try deleting and reinstalling the Xfinity app on your smartphone any transient problems causing the problem will be resolved by reinstalling the application.

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