How To Jailbreak iPhone XR

How To Jailbreak Iphone Xr
How To Jailbreak Iphone Xr

Many users seek more control over their devices. When an iPhone XR user jailbreaks their handset, they have access to more previously limited areas of the operating system. In other words, you should be able to do whatever you want with your iPhone XR smartphone since you may tweak it as you wish. You will learn today how to jailbreak iPhone XR iOS 14.7.1 without a computer.

The majority of iPhone XR users have probably heard of the phrase “jailbreak,” and some of you may have already jailbroken an iPhone XR handset in the past. What, though, does “jailbroken iPhone XR” actually mean? It involves gaining the ability to install in place individual third-party applications on an iPhone XR running iOS 14.7.1.


Advantages of Jailbreaking your Apple iPhone XR

Jailbreaking is required if you wish to install any program Apple hasn’t approved.

Remove or delete pre-installed applications

Customizing the Control Center

will enable you to use your mobile device as a WiFi hotspot or broadband modem

Disadvantages of Jailbreaking your Apple iPhone XR

You will experience problems with iOS updates if you’ve already jailbroken your iOS device.

Your iPhone might become bricked.

The phone’s warranty will expire.

Once jailbroken, your device is vulnerable to malware and viruses.


How To Jailbreak iPhone XR Without Computer

Step 1: Connect a WiFi network using your iPhone XR.

Step 2: Go to Settings, select Safari, and deactivate Block All Cookies.

How To Jailbreak Iphone Xr

Step 3: Goto Settings, click on General, then Background App Refresh.

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How To Jailbreak Iphone Xr

Step 4: Enable Background App Refresh, which uses WiFi and mobile data.

How To Jailbreak Iphone Xr

Step 5: “Settings,” “App Store,” “Automatic Downloads,” “On.”

How To Jailbreak Iphone Xr

Step 6: Turn off Low Power Mode under Settings > Battery.

How To Jailbreak Iphone Xr

Step 7: Visit the below URL in the Safari browser on your iPhone XR:

Step 8: Search and install Unc0ver; set it up. Wait till Unc0ver v7.1.2.ipa is installed.

How To Jailbreak Iphone Xr

Step 9: Allow then close.

How To Jailbreak Iphone Xr

Step 10: Profiles in Settings > General

How To Jailbreak Iphone Xr

Step 11: Install Unc0ver.


How To Jailbreak Iphone Xr

Step 12: Enter your passcode to install

Step 13: The unc0ver app that you have on your iPhone XR

How To Jailbreak Iphone Xr

Step 14: Launch the Unc0ver jailbreak application.

How To Jailbreak Iphone Xr

Step 15: Repeat the jailbreaking process on your iPhone XR until the Cydia app is installed.

How To Jailbreak Iphone Xr

Finally, congratulations, number 16! You successfully jailbroke the iPhone XR without a computer by installing the Cydia program.

How To Jailbreak Iphone Xr


How to jailbreak Apple iPhone XR without Computer (Hexxa Plus for IOS)


Necessary Tools and Drivers

  1. WiFi Network with internet access.
  2. USB cable.
  3. iTunes software is installed on a computer with Windows OS.
  4. Altserver installed on a computer with Windows OS.
  5. Mirror link for Altserver software.
  6. iCloud for Windows is installed on the computer with Windows OS.

Take these actions before beginning the jailbreaking procedure.

1. Make a backup of your iPhone.

2. Ensure that your battery is 90 per cent charged.

3. Use iTunes to update a device’s firmware.

4. You must delete the password and disable the Touch ID lock.

5. Turn “Find My iPhone” off.

6. Restart your smartphone to be safe.


Jailbreak IOS via Hexxa Plus

1. Download Hexxa Plus on your device. (

2. Install Hexxa Plus on your phone.

3. Select Get Repos from the “Hexxa Plus” app’s menu.

4. Copy the “” address after scrolling to the App Managers Repo List and tapping it.

5. Open Hexxa Plus once more, then select Extract Repo. To extract the Cydia repo, paste the copied address and select OK.

6. Tap the Download button, choose Allow, then select Settings > Downloaded Profile > Install. You only need to tap Install > Done after entering your passcode to authorize it.

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Other jailbreak applications

TweakBox is a great program that offers a dependable, quick, and secure way to download third-party programs without needing to jailbreak an iOS device.

1. iNoJB

You can download a variety of customized apps with the app to your iOS devices running iOS 7.1.2 through iOS 10.

2. DreamStore

DreamStore is a fantastic collection of new iOS themes available only with zJailbreak for all current iOS versions.

3. Zestia Step

The app is simple to set up and compatible with iOS devices running up to iOS 12.

4. Bregxi

A jailbreak repo extractor with multiple sources is called Bregxi. Install jailbroken programs that are contained within these sources by extracting the available sources. It supports the installation of jailbroken apps up to iOS 14.6.

5. Ziyu

Another jailbreak repo extractor is Ziyu. All iOS versions up to iOS 13.3 enable extracting the repositories/sources to install jailbroken or third-party apps.

6. Zeon

With iOS 14, the jailbreak repo extractor Zeon was released. It works with every iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 11, and iPhone 11 Pro. With Zeon, you may install tweaks, themes, jailbreak apps, and many other things.

7. Plus Hexxa / Hexxa

For iOS 13’s iOS 13.7 Jailbreak, Hexxa Plus is a jailbreak repo extractor. It will extract the repo to install jailbreak apps on your iOS 14 – iOS 14.6 devices, including iOS 14.7 beta.

8. Emus4u

You may install third-party apps on your iOS device with Emus4u without having to jailbreak it.

9. Cydia

With zJailbreak Cydia, you can install non-system rooted third-party programs on non-jailbroken iOS devices.

10. AppEven

You can install off-market apps that aren’t listed on the Apple Store via AppEven, a third-party app store, which you can download to your iOS device.

11. AppValley

If you’re looking for a Cydia alternative, you should consider installing AppValley, another fantastic third-party app store, on your iOS device.

12. Asterix Installer

Asterix Installer, a third-party app installer for iOS devices that can be used as a Cydia replacement without jailbreaking your iOS device, completes the list.


Since developer tools are not required, installing CokerNutX is simpler.

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14. Panda Aide

For iPhone and iPad owners, this unauthorized software installer is amazing.

15. Sileo

Sileo is compatible with iOS 11, iOS 12, and even the latest iOS 13 release.

16. TutuApp

The original Cydia alternative and one of the first to offer a large selection of apps and games is TutuApp. TutuApp on all the latest devices completely supports the most recent iOS versions.

17. AppCake

You can install ipa files from third parties on your iOS device using the AppCake software. Both jailbroken and un-jailbroken devices can use AppCake.

18. AltStore

Any. ipa file can be installed on your iPhone or iPad with the AltStore app. Choose an.ipa file you want to install, then download it from the AltStore. It serves as a substitute for Cydia Impactor.

19. TopStore

Get the TopStore app now, and you won’t need to visit the official AppleStore again. Without having to jailbreak your iPhone, TopStore provides a lot more than the official app store.

20. FTiOS Store

The FtOS app store, another Cydia substitute, is based in Vietnam and features a huge selection of apps and games. A third-party app shop dedicated only to iOS devices

21. iOSEmus

Similar to the TutuApp mentioned earlier, iOSEmus is a Cydia alternative. Installing unofficial applications and games is permitted.

22. FlekStore

It is a brand-new unofficial iOS installer that enables no-Apple ID downloads of free apps and games.

23. Mojo Installer

Modified apps, Cydia apps, and premium versions of apps that can be found in the App Store can all be found in the Mojo installer’s library.

Reason for iPhone XR Jailbreak 

Is It Safe to Jailbreak an iPhone XR? Yes, you can get rid of the unwanted iOS features, improve the functionality of your iPhone XR gadget, conserve battery life, and download everything you want, including PDFs, without any issues.

The following are some reasons why you shouldn’t jailbreak an iPhone XR: it will void your warranty, some sources may insert malware or spyware, be cautious when shopping online, battery life issues caused by tweaks, and if you want the newest iOS features on your iPhone XR if you’re jailbroken you’re just stuck on the old firmware.

You may install your chosen OS or allow third-party apps on your Apple iPhone XR by hacking it. Instead of downloading applications from the App Store, a jailbroken smartphone can install apps using APK files. You gain more freedom and access to additional customization options when you jailbreak your iPhone.

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